We can provide unloading and undecking services for all your transportation needs. Need a portable loading dock? Give us a call to schedule today!


Our landoll-style trailer will handle hauling almost anything. Multiple vehilces, heavy equipment, total wrecks, debris, containers and more all transport easliy on the bed of this trailer. 


This jeep almost got in over its head... Our tredded skidsteer, like a tank, managed to pull the jeep to safety. No matter where you are, Adamis Towing has the aparatus needed to get the job done efficently and safely.


This Tractor-Trailer rollover was able to be recovered and cleaned up by the Adamis Crew. After cleanup we quickly loaded the trailers contents onto our trucks and had it on its way to its destination.

We haul all sizes of trailers in a variety of conditions

Construction equipment such as this 150' Lift are easily extracted from deep muddy conditions safely and securely.

When you are navigating through the back-woods of Middletown and find your Tractor-Trailer without a road under its wheels, we can help get you back on track.

The axle on this boat trailer broke with the boat still loaded. We safely lifted the boat and helped facilitate a trailer swap.

Specialized hauling and transport are available. Secure, reliable and fully capable of handling all your challenges. This is a stage being transported locally. 

If whatever your opperating tips over or gets stuck in any non-recommended opperating situations call Adamis Towing and Recovery to help get back on your feet. This tractor was overturned and we were dispatched to safely bring it upright. 

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