"Amazing customer service, professional and knowledgeable drivers.  I would definitely recommend Adamis Towing to my friends and family."  Brenda - Goshen, NY


"Amazing fast and friendly service! Very professional drivers. Very happy with the fair pricing, too! I broke down on the freeway and own a car that is very low to the ground. They were able to load it without damage, unlike my experience with other tow companies. Impressed with the care they took to do an excellent job. Will not hesitate to call them again."  John - Middletown, NY


“I was stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the night and was terrified!  I called Adamis Towing and in about 15 minutes the technician arrived and was able to tow my car home. They charged me a really low rate just like they promised over the phone and were so friendly and helpful.  Adamis Towing was absolutely amazing! Definitely saving their number!”  Ann - Goshen, NY


"I’ve had to use Adamis Towing and Recovery twice already and they have not disappointed me. Their service is simply the best out there. Not only are they always available 24 hours a day, but their customer service representatives and tow truck drivers are professional and friendly and have been able to comfort me each time I had a car emergency. It’s always a relief to know that someone’s got your back if your car breaks down for whatever reason and their quick arrival time is definitely an additional advantage."  Jack - Chester, NY


“I really appreciate the service you guys gave me when my car broke down on the highway unexpectedly. It’s a pretty uncomfortable feeling being stuck on the left shoulder with traffic flying by! I was very relieved when the tow truck showed up, especially since he gave me a great recommendation for a garage that wouldn’t rip me off. I am a student, and Adamis Towing’s prices were pretty fair and affordable, even by my standards. Thanks again!”  Sherry - Westtown, NY


“Adamis Towing and Recovery is definitely the most professional towing service around. I know because I am a ‘repeat customer’ – once for a flat tire, and once for recovery of my car out of deep mud. Their staff in the office and in the field are real friendly, and they make sure to keep you in the loop so you know exactly what you’re paying for. I carry their card in my wallet now, just in case.”  Ben - New Hampton, NY


"I have a 4 wheel drive that needed to be towed for about 10 miles. I called a couple of companies and decided to go with Adamis Towing, but for some strange reason 2 tow trucks came. However, one did not have a wheel lift while Adamis Towing came with all the right equipment to tow a 4 wheel drive car. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a tow!"  Charlie - Slate Hill, NY


"My car was recently totaled, and it was just sitting in my driveway. I made a few phone calls and got a few estimates to see how much it would cost to tow the car to the junkyard. Adamis Towing gave the best price and were friendly from the beginning, showed up on time, and did a quick efficient job. I highly recommend Adamis Towing."  Frank - Florida, NY


"I’ve used Adamis Towing many times in past years and i have to admit these guys are the best. They come highly recommended for a reason, there proficient, experienced and a pleasure to work with. I’ve called them in stressful situations and haven’t always been an easy customer to deal with, yet time and time again, the drivers understand and do everything in there power to help."  Katy - Wallkill, NY


Great Service!

"One of my drivers broke down and your company was there immediately. Your customer service was excellent and your price was very reasonable. I will recommend you to anyone. Thank you for your great service on getting my driver up and running. Time is money!"  Wayne - Monroe, NY


The driver deserves an award!

"Service beyond the call of duty!!! A+. I spun out on I-84 and your driver pulled up behind the car, turned on his flashers, turned the car around and towed it. Saved lives! Thank you. Recommend!"  Kathie - Newburgh, NY


Best Tow Service in NY

"Highly recommend the use of Adamis Towing. When I was stuck in the middle of Route 17 heading to the Woodbury Commons, Adamis Towing quickly got me and my family to safety, communicated the "A" plan, and towed my trailer to a safe location.I was treated fairly and with respect! It would have been easy for you guys to take advantage of my situation but instead you showed total respect. I hope you never need to use their service, but if you do, call them and get the best!"  Garry - Cornwall, NY



"Received Fast, Friendly, affordable tow from Adamis Towing. I am a construction company out of Port Jervis, NY. Nice to know they are there for me"  Tim - Port Jervis, NY


"This is the first time I have used the roadside assistance. Being alongside I-87 was stressful, to say the least! Your assistance and the outstanding people we dealt with made this much easier. We received truly great service, both at the phone end and the tow truck. Thank you!!!"  Jen - Montgomery, NY


"It was very snowy and my car slipped down a driveway and into a culvert (resting on the frame). Your technician got it out with no problems and was very quick!! He even made sure that I got home safely. The woman on the phone called to see if I had yet been helped and checked to see how everything was!! Overall absolutely wonderful experience (except for the whole car being in the culvert part!!)"   Harold - Walden, NY


"Thank you for the quick response in removing my vehicle from the ditch on a Saturday afternoon, your service was greatly appreciated. Would do business with again! Thank you!"  Judy - New Windsor, NY


"On a night which was busy, they promised to come in 1 hour after finishing another job. They did what they promised. They called in route to confirm when they were on the way. They did the job quickly and well. They were polite and informative. Would highly recommend!"  Ray - Monticello, NY


"Woke up early morning for an important meeting and the battery was dead in my car, called Adamis TOWING and they said they would be there in 15 minutes. They made it there in 10 minutes and had me back on the road a minute or two later. All for a really low price!"  Ginny - Washingtonville, NY




If you have had a positive experience with Adamis Towing & Recovery, we would appreciate you taking the time to fill out the form below for your feedback to appear on our website. We thank you again.



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